Officials say The Big Fresno Fair is on track for record turnout

FRESNO, Calif.

Thousands packed The Big Fresno Fair on Sunday for the food, exhibits, and rides. The Martinez family comes to the fair every year, on the first Sunday that it is open.

"It's nice out here today, a lot of people," Tricia Martinez said.

Action News Reporter: "Does it seem it's more than last year?"

Martinez: "Yes it does! Most definitely yes!"

Big Fresno Fair officials say the consistent weather has been a factor. The sunshine and temperatures have been on their side.

"It's a lot more uniform than last year, I think we spiked up to high 90's then we dropped down, and this year it's been very, very stable," Big Fresno fair CEO John Alkire said.

Sunday was the warmest day of the fair so far and that sent many searching for something cool to eat. The Legendary Gelato stand has been helping cool people off.

"Saturday was a killer, we didn't expect it to be that good, we had three windows open, and we're slammed like we are right now, so Sunday is looking really good too," Cheston Holguin, from Legendary Gelato said.

Sunny days could be interrupted by rainfall later this week. Fair officials are keeping an eye on the sky though they are not too worried. Fair officials it rained during the fair last year and that didn't stop the fun.

"We had sprinkles one night, but it didn't stop the concert. It when it settled the dust, everybody was fine with it," Alkire said.

Even if the rain comes fair officials say the fair will go on. Bad weather has never closed the fair the only thing that may get affected is the rides depending on how bad the rain is.

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