Valley Works: The Big Fresno Fair employment

FRESNO, Calif.

We have people who take vacations from their full time jobs because they have that passion they love what we create here," Fresno Fair Deputy Manager Lauri King said.

Some people work at The Big Fresno Fair to be part of the fair family. For others it is a much needed paycheck. For people like Theresa Gardea it is an opportunity to get back into the workforce.

"It's another opportunity to put something on a resume." Gardea said. "Anything I can increase my knowledge of any type of operation or workplace or anything like that, I think it looks good and reflects well on me."

The former homemaker said re-entering the job market can be a little scary and intimidating. But Gardea is hoping skills she's learned working at the fair will help her land a job in customer relations.

"I have to work with a diverse group of people, you have to be a great communicator and those are skills employers' value, good work ethic, ability to think on your feet," Gardea said.

It is Gardea's second year in a row working at the fair and she is taking full advantage of the opportunity to learn something new.

"I treated it like a new experience, like I'd never done it before because there is always something new to learn," Gardea said.

King says they often hire people who've worked at the fair before. Those employees are valued because they already know the grounds and operations. They also have a shot at something more permanent.

"We use a lot of people throughout the year for different events we have and it could turn into a job once a month or every six weeks or so as well." King said.

Permanent full time employment is Gardea's ultimate goal. Gardea is doing a lot to make that happen. She is taking computer courses at adult school working temporary jobs, and staying positive.

"My ultimate goal is full time permanent work of course I am learning a number of skills that will help me in any job," Gardea said.

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