Clovis farmers market will be back this fall

CLOVIS, Calif.

During the summer, Old Town Clovis is filled with people at the Friday night farmers markets, but when the season ends, so does the weekly event.

Now, some of that local produce could be available all year long. "We put a feeler out to see if people would be interested in having a farmer's market in Old Town on Saturday mornings and we got incredible feedback. Everybody was really excited about it," said Carole Lester, Business Organization of Old Town Executive Director.

Lester said the event will be held in the former DMV parking lot in Old Town from 7am to 11am. Several local vendors will be on hand to sell fruits and veggies. "There's a strong appeal for people to get fresh local produce. I think that's why there are so many farmers markets and I'm really happy we're going to meet that need."

Local businesses say the new Saturday farmers markets are good not only for shoppers, but also for Old Town Clovis.

Kuppa Joy Coffee House, which is just feet away from the new market, is hoping the event will bring more people in. "So I'm really excited about it. I think what's great about it, that's what supports small business," said Zack Follett, Kuppa Joy Coffee House owner, "Farmer's market is great because it's something unique about Clovis, of having that small town feel."

Old Town officials hope keeping that small town feel will lead to big time success.

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