4 correctional officers injured at Corcoran State Prison


The incident happened at 3:22 p.m. today as officers were escorting inmates from the small management yards to their Security Housing Unit cells. Inmate Dan Felix, 35, used a handmade handcuff key to break free from his cuffs. Using an inmate-made weapon, he stabbed a correctional officer several times in his neck, head and shoulder.

Officers responded to the scene. One responding officer was kicked by inmate Steven Rivera, 25. Two other officers incurred injuries to their wrists, backs and knees when they responded to gain control of the combatants.

The first officer was airlifted to a hospital for treatment of several puncture wounds. He is in good condition. The other three officers were also taken to a hospital for treatment.

The prison's Investigative Services Unit is investigating this incident.

Inmate Felix was admitted from Los Angeles County on April 3, 1997. He is serving life with the possibility of parole for attempted murder.

Inmate Rivera was admitted from Los Angeles County on November 5, 2010. He is serving life without parole for two counts of first-degree murder.

CSP-Corcoran opened in 1988 and houses 4,379 minimum-, medium-, maximum- and high-security custody inmates. The Kings County prison offers academic classes and vocational programs as well as community programs and work crews. The prison employs approximately 2,300 people.

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