Suspects in Nick's bar murder walk free

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Branden Cervantez*/ was a father of seven who was a kid at heart. Family members say he loved dressing up on Halloween, and having fun.

Every Christmas he dressed up as Santa Claus and his sister says even though the kids caught on, they pretended to not know it was dad or uncle branded inside the red and white suit. Now memories are all his family has left.

"He was always there for us," said Branden's sister Denise Valdovinos. "Whenever you need him, he was there for us. He was always making everyone laugh."

Loved ones say the 30 year old died protecting a young woman he never knew at a bar not far from his house. Fresno police say Cervantez may have been trying to break up a fight involving two women in the bar. But, when he went outside, he was jumped by several mad men. He was beaten and shot several times.

"He was just left there like he was nothing," said Valdovinos. "But he was something. He was my brother, he was a father, he was a son."

Friday family members felt some relief, when police arrested the suspected shooter, Kevin Ramirez and two beating suspects, Raziel Cruz and Daniel Rosadilla. But, Tuesday all three were set free since charges were not filed.

Valdovinos added, "I just want them to pay for what they did, every single one of them."

Investigators will not say what evidence they need to collect to re-arrest the suspects.

Three warrants were served to collect evidence but it's unknown if any weapons were found.

If you have any information about this murder, please call Fresno police.

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