Fresno youth cheer team still waiting for uniforms

FRESNO, Calif.

There are 28 girls on the team. They cheer for a youth football league that's not affiliated with the school, though they use the field on game days.

Parents say the $275 was supposed to pay for a cheer outfit, war-up outfit, socks, shoes, two bows, pom-poms and a trophy as well as a bag. They say they gave the money to the team coach who was supposed to order the team gear.

The season finished without them ever getting what was promised.

Parents bought the girls navy shirt with "Sunnyside" scripted in the front and their names on the back. They also bought them white shorts and shoes. The team has been cheering in that.

"I'm a little mad and a little sad," Brooklyn Ward said. She is on the team and was looking forward to wearing the uniforms. Her mother, Chenena Ward is also upset.

"She keeps asking every day, 'are we going to get our uniforms?' 'When are we going to get them,' and I say 'I don't know,' Chenena said.

The coach told Action News that some of the parents paid late, so the uniforms had to be ordered late. Tiffany Luna, whose 11-year-old daughter is on the squad, says that's not what parents were told.

"First they were ordered, then they were in San Diego in Bel-Air high school," Luna said. "Then in Louisiana, then Texas, then Bakersfield, then they've been in Fresno the past two weeks and she just hasn't gotten a chance to pick them up from UPS."

The team recently received part of their uniform: a skirt and pom-poms. They have used that along with the t-shirts in the past games.

"We're supposed to have pom-poms that are gold and a spirit shirt with our name and we're supposed to have a real skirt," Brooklyn Ward said.

The parents have given the coach a certified letter requesting a refund. The coach has said she will give parents their money back. She needs to do so by Nov. 12 or the parents plan to take her to small claims. She has also said the team will not be cheering for the playoffs.

"There are 28 kids that haven't received uniforms," Luna said. "We've done car washes and fund raisers, I just feel really bad that it has be like this because no one should put that kind of money out and not receive anything.

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