Blue Star Moms need your donations

FRESNO, Calif.

Blue Star Moms President Rhonda Gilmore said, "Our kids serve and in my case, I felt the need to serve as well."

Gilmore is working on the "Remember the Troops" package drive to send care packages to Valley service members. Gilmore has three sons serving, two in the Marines and one in the Air Force.

"We want them to know that they're being thought of, that they're being prayed for, they're not forgotten and that they are appreciated and that their sacrifice doesn't go unnoticed," said Gilmore.

The Central Valley Blue Star Moms are accepting donations for their annual care package drive. They'll take any non-perishable item. The most popular ones include beef jerky, sunflower seeds for our troops serving.

Sandra Hornor's son served in the Army. She sent him packages during his deployment in Afghanistan.

"They look forward to them they know that they're coming," said Hornor. "They're excited to get them."

Last year, they sent 350 packages around the world.

"It is amazing," said Hornor. "It such a wonderful feeling to know that people care about our men and women who are not going to be home that are so far away and that we can send a little bit of home to them."

This year they're hoping for the community's support through cash donations for shipping or food donations, so they can send even more to those serving our country.

"It's a small token of appreciation," said Hornor. "It's the least we can do here in the states that we can send to them."

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