Valley Animal Center struggles after criminals break in twice

FRESNO, Calif.

Everyone who came to adopt a pet was stunned any criminal would stoop so low. "Who would do something like that, why, why?" said Briana Camacho.

Early Wednesday morning at least one thief broke into the no kill shelter.

"Even when somebody does a little bit of damage to our property and steals funds that are greatly needed by our animals it really hits us in a horrible place," said staff member Rosie Davenport.

Davenport believes the thieves left behind footprints before the break in, "They threw a rock through one of our main doors which they shattered the entire door," Davenport said.

Workers told us the crooks got away with all the cash in a donation box and took off with a small hidden safe filled with funds.

This is the second time criminals have caused thousands of dollars in damages. In April investigators say 36 year-old Dale Ervin and his passenger 41 year-old Jill Scarborough were in a stolen truck trying to escape during a high-speed chase. That truck crashed and mangled the center's dog park.

"We don't want anybody who is potentially dangerous getting within close range of our animals," said Davenport.

Staff members now hope to beef up security by installing a video surveillance system.

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