Organizers begin to decorate Christmas Tree Lane

FRESNO, Calif.

"It's two weeks to countdown, it's getting close. We're wrapping up, getting everything done," Christmas Tree Lane Coordinator Dean Alexander said.

Alexander said residents have had December 3rd circled on their calendars for months. They are counting down the days until the first walk night, when the road is blocked and only those on foot can venture down the lane to enjoy the sights.

"We skip Thanksgiving, okay from Halloween to here, it's all Christmas," Alexander said.

About 140 homes and 300 trees along the two mile stretch on Van Ness will be dressed up for the jolliest time of the year. Bill Hallier had some extra help Monday to get his home looking festive. His house is known as the joy house, because the joy boxes have stood outside his house for more than three decades.

"We construct them and put them in the front year and they spell and people come by every year and say oh I remember those when I was a kid. So it's kind of fun," Hallier said.

Hallier said it helps him get into the Christmas mood. The decorating season also brings him and his family closer together.

"They enjoy helping with the Christmas delights and boxes. We hope to build some memories here too," Alexander said.

Organizers estimate a million lights will shine bright this season. Residents say there is a lot of work to be done before 100,000 visitors come to Christmas Tree Lane.

New this year on the lane, a full-sized sled and Grinch will be on display. Residents in this area are hoping many people come out and get into the holiday spirit.

The annual walk nights are December 3rd and 11th. Van Ness Blvd. will be closed to vehicles from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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