Fresno calls pair of speed bumps illegal and dangerous

FRESNO, Calif.

Spend an evening in the neighborhood near Browning and Van Ness and chances are you'll hear neighbors hollering. "People don't care; they drive 50 miles an hour down here. We could be standing out here with our kids and watching them play and ask them to slow down and they just speed up," said Shannon Stubblefield.

Stubblefield and her neighbors worry about fast cars but they put some of their fears away when they woke up to two new speed bumps. "It's good for the kids and it slows people down. On this street cars are super-fast. They go flying through here. I like the bumps a lot," said Mike Gerstein.

"We feel safe. We feel really safe," added Marie Marks.

Patrick Wiemiller is Fresno's man in charge of public works. He's the only person in the city authorized to build new speed bumps. Wiemiller told us he never Okayed the new additions and hasn't authorized any in years. "I would not authorize a speed bump being put in."

No one knows or at least no one's coming forward and admitting they built the slowdown slopes. The city has already ripped out one bump – but they left the other there because that bump falls on county land. County leaders have not decided whether to keep it. "We are going to get some input from the neighborhood before we make a decision," said Bob Palacios with Fresno County's Road Maintenance and Operations.

Palacios believes the mysterious builder broke the law. His workers may resurface the slope because it just isn't up to county standards. "We really are concerned about the safety because the bumps haven't been placed per standard so we have placed some signs there to show they are there," added Palacios.

Fresno city leaders believe speed bumps aren't the safest way to slow down traffic. Meanwhile, the county of Fresno will start mailing out letters to get the public's input.

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