Brian Calhoun sentenced to 90 days in adult offender work program

FRESNO, Calif.

Brian Calhoun said he may just turn himself into the jail and serve time. But the judge gave him the option of this work offender program for 90 days. He must also attend a 12 week anger management course and has to stay away from the victim and all community colleges in Fresno County.

Brian Calhoun stood before the court, asking a judge for probation. But he didn't apologize or admit fault during his speech.

Last month, a jury found the longtime Fresno City College professor and former Fresno City councilman guilty of attacking a student who cursed at him.

"Honorable judge Whitehead, how much punishment is enough? I've lost my job, been publicly humiliated; I've suffered crippling legal fees that significantly have impacted my retirement. I've given hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to this community where I have tried to make a difference and make Fresno a better place," Calhoun said.

Judge Denise Whitehead told Calhoun he deserved jail time for a crime, she said could have been a felony. But she noted since he would just likely be released from jail, his 90 day jail sentence could be served in the adult offender work program.

She also expressed her opinion about Calhoun's lack of accountability for the misdemeanor battery charge.

"Not once did he express any concern for the victim in this case. Rather he just attempts to continue to justify his behavior," Whitehead said.

Outside court, Calhoun's attorney continued to defend him.

"Why would he take responsibility for something that you feel justified in having done? There's nothing to take responsibility for," Calhoun's attorney Roger Nuttall said.

During sentencing Calhoun told the court he's taken out a second mortgage on his home to fight these criminal and civil charges. To date, he says he paid $53,000 for just a criminal defense.

Calhoun was also given three years of misdemeanor probation. The victim, Kevynn Gomez was not present during Friday's sentencing. This is not the end of Calhoun's legal troubles; he is now facing a civil suit from Gomez, which is set for trial in 2015.

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