Valley gun sales increase before new gun laws go into effect

FRESNO, Calif.

Come January first sporting goods store like Herb Bauer will have to fill out more paperwork for shot gun and rifle purchases. Assembly Bill 809 will extend the same registration requirements currently used for handguns to shotguns and rifles.

Opponents say it makes already tough gun regulations even tougher.

"They are strict enough as it is right now. I think they ought to practice violence control not gun control. It's the person pulling the trigger," Skip Tullock from Fresno said.

Supporters believe it closes a loophole and treats all firearms equally.

"If you are using it in a proper manner and it gets stolen or taken you can find out what happened to it when it's recovered," Nate Mullen from Fresno said.

Another new law bans conversion kits that turn regular ammunition magazines into higher-capacity magazines.

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