Possible Picric Acid Detonated at the City of Visalia Corporation Yard

FRESNO, Calif.

Picric acid is primarily used in laboratories as a chemical reagent and mixed with water as a desensitizer. When this material is dried out it can be highly sensitive to heat, shock, or friction. Due to the potential explosive nature of this unconfirmed material the Visalia Fire Department detonated the material on site to dispose of it.

Members of the Visalia Police Department, Fire Department, and the Tulare County Explosive Ordnance Disposal team were notified to assist with the mitigation of the incident.

The material was buried and then detonated and no further action was taken. The hazardous materials waste disposal site was reopened and returned to normal operations.

One fire truck, one hazardous materials unit, and one Battalion Chief responded for a total of 4 fire personnel.

There were no injuries caused by this incident.

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