3 men arrested after shoplifting at a Clovis Kohl's

January 5, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
Clovis police say a Kohl's security guard and a helicopter crew helped them catch three shoplifters who drove away from the store Saturday.

Officers arrested the Mark Bettencourt, Isaac Romero, and Travis Alcorta on McKinley Avenue in front of the air national guard station.

Authorities say the suspects stole clothing from the Kohl's store at the Sierra Vista Mall around 6 p.m. The security guard trailed them as they drove away.

A sheriff's helicopter was also in the area. The chopper shined a light on the car, and the suspects pulled over and tried to run away. But they did not get far.

The suspects are now facing charges for burglary, drug possession, weapons, and probation violations.