Valley 49er fan some might consider one of the lucky ones

FRESNO, Calif.

Collier was a cornerback for the 49ers for four seasons. He was part of the 1984 49er team that won Super Bowl XIX.

Now the 59-year-old Fresno resident is retired from the NFL, but he would still love to see his former team win their sixth Super Bowl.

"You get excited because you understand you're within an elite club, that there are not very many teams that can say they have six Super Bowls," Collier said.

Before that can happen, the 49ers have to beat the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field this Sunday in the NFC Championship game.

Many 49er fans are having a tough time getting tickets to the game, because the Seahawks are only allowing ticket sales to states in the Pacific Northwest and provinces in Canada, which restricts California residents from buying them.

"I'm going to go," Collier said with a grin. But he admits it's a little complicated.

"I'm excited but I'm between a rock and a hard place," he said. "Because my heart is with San Fran, but my head is saying Seattle."

That's because his oldest daughter is married to Seattle Seahawks tight end Anthony McCoy.

McCoy played for Bullard High School, before playing for Pete Carroll at the University of Southern California. McCoy followed his College Coach when Carroll because head coach.

"It's not bad my son in law could possibly get a Super Bowl ring," Collier said.

So while Collier's family connection gets him a seat at the game, the rest of the Niner Nation has to go through secondary sellers like Stub Hub or the NFL Ticket Exchange. The sites have huge mark ups.

The Seahawks aren't the only team looking to maximize their home crowd advantage. The Denver Broncos, who are hosting the New England Patriots in the A-F-C Championship game on Sunday, are only selling tickets to states in the Rocky Mountain region.

Rhonda Jorn with the Fresno Yosemite International Airport says she wouldn't be surprised if 49er fans from the valley are going to the game. The Friday flight to Seattle is completely booked and as of Tuesday morning, there are only two seats available on the Saturday flight.

"They are booked kind of solid this far in advance, so I would think that would have something to do with the game," Jorn said. "But we never know why people travel to the destinations they choose."

Collier says it's going to be one of those games where he has to quietly clap and smile when each team scores.

"We got to keep (our excitement) right in the middle," he said.

But ask him which team he'll be rooting more for and he'll tell you, "…Niners…"

Just don't tell his daughter.

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