Google glitch floods Fresno man's email with messages

FRESNO, Calif.

The Valley Banker unknowingly became one of the most popular people on the internet when he was bombarded by thousands of emails. Turns out his Hotmail account showed up in Google search results.

David peck has received lots of emails.

"I literally woke up this morning and guessed 500/600 and boom there were two thousand," he said.

Many contained messages from people he's never even met.

"Some of them typed in stuff like who is this and some stuff I probably shouldn't say," he laughed.

At one point he said he was averaging around 500 an hour... And the messages were coming from random people all over the world.

"I could tell by the names they were from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Rim to South America," he added.

The problem started around 8 o'clock Thursday morning. With each passing hour, he said, it turned into an e-nightmare.

"I went to a meeting this morning, came back about three hours later and I had three thousand emails and immediately the phone started ringing," he said.

Callers were asking whether he was hacked or if the problem was related to a widespread outage causing millions of people to lose access to their Gmail accounts Friday afternoon. The only problem is Peck's email is a Hotmail account which would be unaffected by the Google Glitch. When he called the company, a representative tried to explain what was happening.

"She said when you go into the Google search engine, type in GMAIL, your email address comes up with an automatic composing email so people are ready to send me an email," he explained.

A Google spokesperson later confirmed the problem to Action News.

In a written statement, the company spokesperson wrote, "Due to a technical glitch, some email addresses on public web pages appeared too prominently in search results. We've fixed the issue and are sorry for any inconvenience caused."

The representative from Hotmail further explained that Peck's email was displayed on an old resume from 2008.

He said he wasn't offered any jobs, but he got something else in return.

"I have 7,000 new friends. I have more followers than (Justin) Bieber right now and I didn't even have to cry in jail to make that happen," he joked.

Peck said he plans to keep his email address because he's had it for so long -- but realizes it's now out on multiple websites. If you send him a message, though, he won't get it. Hotmail said over the phone, it has blocked all emails from accounts not already in his contact list.

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