Fresno Water Conservation Efforts Boosted

FRESNO, Calif.

City workers like Marilyn Creel are responding to calls for help for those who want to save water. Homeowner Frank Hoffinger was trying to reset his sprinkler timer to save water.

Hoffinger said, "When I started to change to lower the consumption change the time clock, I did something wrong."

But Marilyn deals with these often confusing devices all day, "So right now your timer is set for 6 days a week, if you didn't have it in the off position. I will be changing it when I leave and that will be to the one day you can do."

Fresno is still on the winter watering schedule, which only allows watering one day a week. By March first that will switch to the three day a week schedule unless things don't get better. City Water Conservation Manager Nora Laikem says the city will be closely monitoring the situation.

"We're hoping, we are really hoping for some good rain but if that doesn't happen then we are going to have to look at the number of days people are watering and also any further restrictions."

Water meters have helped cut Fresno's water use by 20 percent, and Laikem says residents are already responding to the drought.

"I will tell you the drought has made people even more aware so that we are getting calls I would say angry calls not at us but at the neighborhood. My neighbor is watering and we are in a drought come out and do something about it and we do we have people who will respond to that."

An exclusive SurveyUSA Poll by Action News shows:

78 percent consider the drought very serious.

55 percent favor mandatory watering restrictions.

74 percent say they have changed their water use behavior.

Frank Hoffinger believes saving water should be a priority for everybody. "Absolutely saving water is the most important thing we would be a desert if it wasn't for the water we should be getting."

If you're not sure how to save, city workers like Marilyn can come out and look for leaks and ways to increase efficiency inside and outside of your home.

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