Police insist Fresno gunshot victim was targeted

FRESNO, Calif.

Rome Casillas, 21, died after officers say he was shot while driving. Casillas was able to drive a short distance but died in surgery Thursday night.

Police say it was not a random shooting, the victim was targeted. Officers say no other motorists have reported seeing the shooting, so they are looking for witnesses.

A blue Dodge Neon is the car Fresno police say Casillas was driving when another driver fired several gunshots into the car he was driving. Investigators say the driver made it about two miles before he couldn't drive anymore.

"We have information that the shooting occurred in the Chandler Park area. The victim then drove his vehicle onto 180 afterwards and collided off of Fulton," Mark Salazar with the Fresno Police Department said.

Investigators believe Casillas lost consciousness, which caused him to crash into a truck. Initially officers thought the collision was just a minor traffic accident, until they realized the driver was critically hurt when he wrecked.

"Were looking at his last steps, if he had any problems with anybody, any gang problems, any prior gang problems right now, that's what we're doing right now," Salazar said.

Investigators are not sure where Casillas was headed when he was shot. Although some tips are coming in from the public none are from witnesses who may have seen what happened.

Detectives searched the car but did not find any clues. Casillas was shot more than once, not far from where he lived. Action News reached out to Casillas' family, but they did not want to make any comment.

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