Questions surround future of SCCCD Chancellor Deborah Blue

FRESNO, Calif.

Discussion of discipline, dismissal and release of an employee was on the agenda. That employee was not named on the agenda, but the meeting revolved around Chancellor Blue.

Deborah Blue has been the chancellor of the SCCCD for nearly four years -- a top figure head for several schools in the Valley including Fresno City College.

Blue spoke to Action News in early 2013 about the school budget forecast. Many that support her work say, as far as they know, she had no glaring problems.

"She's been guiding this district, brought us out of tough times," said Larry Dickinson, President of the African American Faculty and Staff Association at Fresno City College. "She's very transparent, believed in shared governments. What else can you ask for?"

Blue was not at Saturday's meeting. Fresno Councilman Oliver Baines is friends with Blue. He spoke on her behalf during the meeting.

"She doesn't know why it's happening to her, she is as concerned as anyone," said Baines. "I think that there may be some reasons that were presented to her that maybe she's trying to work on, but it's appearing as though she's not getting the opportunity to work on whatever the board may see are issues."

The Board of Trustees went into closed session after the public hearing. Many of the supporters waited outside for the outcome, but as far as everyone knows, the board took no action.

Action News has reached out to several board members, as well as the president and vice president of the State Center Community College District, and Dr. Blue. Our phone calls and emails were not immediately returned.

The board's regular meeting is scheduled for Tuesday.

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