Valley family headed to DC for father's posthumous honor

FRESNO, Calif.

Private Pedro Cano of the US Army was born in La Morita, Mexico but fiercely fought for the country he called home. In December of 1944 he took a bazooka and grenades into battle in Schevenhütte, Germany.

Cano's daughter Maria Cano Arias said, "In two days he killed 30 men."

His heroism during World War Two earned Cano the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross but Dominga Cano Perez and Maria Cano Arias were thrilled to learn their father will receive the prestigious Medal of Honor.

Perez said, "I even feel like screaming or yelling or crying, which I do sometimes. I do cry sometimes when I see his picture and I say dad it finally happened."

You can feel their pride.

Arias said, "When I talk to him when I'm by myself I look at his picture and say wow dad you finally getting what you deserved and it's a great feeling."

Pedro Cano died in a car crash in 1952 in Edinburg, Texas. The family ended up moving to Reedley soon after but Cano was never forgotten. Edinburg has named both a school and a street after him.

Arias said, "I've heard a lot of stories that make me proud to be his daughter."

Dominga Cano Perez and nine other family members will make the trip to Washington DC next week. A personal call from President Obama came as a shock.

Dominga said, "I never thought the president himself would be the one to present it."

The sisters credit their cousin Stephen Cano of Hanford for researching Pedro's military background. He felt the world needed to know what Pedro Cano accomplished. >

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