Fresno City Council bans all marijuana growing

FRESNO, California

"This is my medicine I'm going to keep it and grow it."

But Police Chief Jerry Dyer reminded council members of the criminal problems caused by pot growing.

Chief Dyer explained, "There is the potential for a lot of people to be seriously injured or killed as a result of these indoor marijuana grows."

Attorney and medical marijuana advocate Brenda Linder told the council their efforts to zone marijuana away are not necessary.

Linder said, "There are existing laws against criminal activity we don't need local ordinances masquerading as land use policies to come into people's homes."

But council President Steve Brandau found Chief Dyer's arguments more compelling

"This is a law enforcement issue to me," said Brandau. "And so I'm gonna be supportive of that but I'm willing to consider legislation or a policy to help those in our community who need this medicinally."

However, City Attorney Doug Sloan noted a total ban on growing marijuana in the city limits makes that impossible.

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