Firenado forms after dust devil and burning tumbleweeds combine

March 24, 2014 12:00:00 AM PDT
Firefighters in Colorado were forced to run for cover when a controlled fire spun out of control.

A massive dust devil interrupted the planned fire in Adams County.

The result was a towering whirlwind of flame and smoke that chased firefighters out of the area.

One of them was able to catch the amazing sight on camera, before fleeing the area.

"It was definitely interesting to see," said Firefighter Thomas Rogers. "I'm a fire buff as well as a weather buff and here I had a weather event and a fire event coming together and it was just really amazing to watch and I'm just glad I was able to capture it on video."

It ended up burning an extra acre on its own -- reminding firefighters even controlled burns can be unpredictable.