Body of Mariposa County base jumper recovered in Utah

FRESNO, Calif.

Sean Leary, 38, died after a jump from a cliff inside Zion National Park in Utah.

Leary was known as one of the world's best climbers and base jumpers. He set numerous records for climbs in Yosemite, and also was a stunt actor in extreme films.

He was working on a climbing film in Utah's Zion National Park when he died. Even though base jumping is illegal in Zion, two weeks ago, in the dark, he decided to base jump off a cliff, wearing a "wing suit" and also a parachute. But he apparently clipped a rock outcropping and plunged 100 feet to his death. In a rugged and remote canyon.

His body wasn't located until days later and just recovered this week. Leary was enthusiastic about the sport and in a video recently posted online by his friends, he talked about what it was like to jump in a wing suit and fly.

In a Youtube video, Leary said, "You are floating and then it's just magic when the wing suit pops open and inflates and you start to take off, and then your'e like this is kinda like what birds see, you know."

Sean Leary was from El Portal in Mariposa County. He is survived by a wife, who is seven months pregnant.

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