Thief steals $6K worth of electronics from Vang Pao Elementary

FRESNO, Calif.

Surveillance video captured at Vang Pao Elementary on March 27th shows a man carrying a black bag walking through the school's front doors. "He goes directly through the front doors up the flight of stairs and starts looking into several classrooms and he finally sees one classroom left unlocked has laptop computers in them," said Sgt. Mark Hudson with Fresno police.

Detectives told Action News the unidentified person stole six laptops valued at $6,000. Several days later principal Melissa Dutra and her staff saw him at Dailiey Elementary Charter School about six miles away. Administrators say this time he was posing as a janitor. "He told us he was there subbing, when we asked for badges following our normal safety procedures, he left campus," added Dutra.

Dutra and her staff thought something was suspicious and went into emergency mode. "At that time we immediately did a lockdown just to ensure that he was completely off campus because safety is always our number one priority," added Dutra.

Once teachers determined no one on campus was in danger they realized the thief had taken off with purses, wallets and cell phones. Investigators believe he may have stolen from other schools.

If you have any information, call police.

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