Meal delivery service offers a helping hand

FRESNO, Calif.

A delivery service offered in the Valley specializes in healthy options and caters to people who have certain dietary requirements.

Opening a package of freshly prepared food gives Richard Emler of Fresno some relief. He's still independent at 91 years old, but while he's recovering from a recent illness, he's not spending much time in the kitchen.

So his daughter, Denise, signed him up for Mom's Meals Nourish Care -- a delivery service that's available in the Valley

"It's fresh and it's well-balanced. He's a diabetic and the meals we were able to choose are diabetic-friendly meals," Denise said.

Meals in ready-to-eat entrees arrive quickly after orders are placed on the company's website for occasional or regular deliveries. Denise learned about the service for her dad from Kaiser Permanente.

"Someone who is a diabetic and needs a low sugar diet or someone who has congestive heart failure there's a low sodium dinner or meal entrees for them. And then there's a general wellness meal as well," said Michelle Wilkins, a social service manager with Kaiser.

Kaiser doctors and dieticians approved the menu to recommend to Kaiser members, but anyone can access the service and get fresh healthy meals delivered right to their door.

Richard's family says they don't have to worry about his diet and meal schedule with the service. It's also popular with women who just had a baby, as well as busy families who want Mom's Meals when mom runs out of time to cook.

The Mom's Meals Nourish Care meals include vegetarian and gluten-free choices. For more information about the service, visit

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