Fresno wedding chapel vandalism suspect identified

FRESNO, Calif.

"I've never met them," said Ventura Wedding Chapel manager Luis Rosales about the suspect and his family. "I've never met any of them."

Action News first told you on Monday about the repeated acts of vandalism at the chapel. Thursday, Fresno police have a suspect in mind.

Police say the suspect is associated with a rival wedding chapel business. Action News discovered he's actually been a wanted man since February when he skipped his sentencing on a felony drug conviction. Now, he's probably facing a new felony case for the vandalism.

The Ventura Wedding Chapel is empty on a Thursday afternoon. No weddings, and no signs of trouble. A vandal's signature is still visible on the outside, though: a paint-stained sign, and a broken window still unfixed. Repairs have been slow since the crime on Monday morning, and so has the chapel.

"Business has been normal. I mean, it's slow," said Rosales as he laughed. "It's not like we have a bunch of people here waiting in line that it interrupted."

But investigators worked fast. Surveillance video shows the suspect driving onto the property and apparently throwing paint on the sign. Police say that suspect is 30-year-old Adam Weith and his crime has left less visible marks as well.

"There are some victims there on Ventura who are very scared," said Sgt. Mark Hudson. "They did report this and they were fearful. It's just fortunate now we know who this person is and we're looking to make the arrest on him."

Weith's family runs a wedding chapel in Kingsburg; the Fresno Wedding Chapel, formerly on Van Ness just south of Olive. Police say vandalism and disturbances prompted a restraining order against Weith's father a couple years ago.

Rosales says he took over the Ventura chapel about that time and he doesn't have any history with the Weiths. So he's left wondering why the business he manages has become a target.

"Why go off on a rampage like that? It's not going to get you anywhere," he said. "You can see the results of this thing. It's just, you're just going to hurt your family and everybody else."

Action News reached Weith's father, Karl, by phone late Thursday afternoon. He told us he didn't know anything about the vandalism then screamed at a reporter for pursuing the story. When the reporter asked him about the restraining order, he hung up.

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