Fresno County home invasion suspects disguised as law enforcement

FRESNO, Calif.

At 2AM early Wednesday, five men took cover in the shadows of this orange grove before raiding an elderly couple's home.

"Tied them up with some kind of zip ties or bonds and basically demanded money or drugs," said Fresno Coounty Sheriff's Office Sergeant James Minenna.

According to a press release five hispanic adults were dressed in ski masks and black clothing posing as law enforcement officers. Sheriff's deputies say they broke into the home armed with guns and ransacked the house for two hours.

"We're not exactly sure on the property loss because the house was ransacked and really torn apart so we don't have a proper list of what was taken," said Minenna.

During the two hours Sheriff's Deputies tell us the elderly woman was hit in the head while the male victim had his head dunked in water. When we spoke to the couple's son at the home this afternoon, he told us there's a possibility one of his parents could be suffering from a brain bleed and didn't know when they'd be out of the hospital. When we called Community Regional Medical Center, two people with the same last names registered at the address were in the trauma center and were expected to stay through Wednesday evening. The five suspects still remain on the loose.

The suspects were looking for drugs inside the home but Sheriff's Deputies confirm with us the victims aren't involved in drug trafficking and it could have been a random attack.

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