Tourism season kicks off at Bass Lake

BASS LAKE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The clouds in the sky only illuminated the beauty at Bass Lake, as officials kicked off the tourism season.

Therese Williams with Visit Yosemite Madera County, said, "May 1st is an exciting day because it means summer is right around the corner and Bass Lake is going to be booming with energy, excitement, and people."

Organizers are excited about the upcoming fishing derby and Mother's Day events that are planned for the area. Tourism is the lifeblood of the lake, which sees a bulk of its business during the five-month period. Visitors come to see Yosemite and many stay at local hotels and cabins during their vacations.

One of the unique sights at Bass Lake is the wildlife. Up high in one of the trees is a Bald Eagles nest. Visitors have had a chance to see the beautiful bird.

Charlie Johnson of Boston and his son made a last minute trip to Bass Lake and Yosemite.

"The airport was great to us and you go outside and there's no traffic. It's kind of odd, you think something's odd."

Johnson stopped by Millers Landing to get some coffee before getting charged up for the drive. He said seeing Central California has been a real treat.

"The scenery was gorgeous, it was like going through a postcard-- that's how I felt."

Milers Landing opened up in late March and has been cooking up a variety of food for its customers who love something salty and even something sweet. The family-owned business said it is already seen an increase in customers.

Michelle Miller of Miller'S Landing Resort said, "People are renting boats already, and I'm seeing people out there wakeboarding and surfing. I know the water is chilly but everyone's ready to go especially with this much water."

The lake is almost at capacity, trees have been thinned out and campgrounds have been cleaned up for the camping season.

Many said they are looking forward to warmer temperatures and to see business heating up this season.
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