Burger King employees allegedly attacked over tomato

LIVONIA, Michigan -- The moment Porsha Tyler walked into the Burger King in Livonia, Michigan, back on January 27, police say she was adamant she deserved to get her money back all because the burger she got the day before had tomatoes on it, and she didn't order it that way.

"The clerk was more than kind to her to offer a refund of her food, of other food items, et cetera. Porsha wasn't having that. She obviously didn't get it her way that day, and she went on a tirade," says Captain Ron Taig of Livonia Police.

A tirade caught on surveillance video, WXYZ-TV reports.

Police say it's Tyler seen on video trying to climb up on the counter repeatedly only to be held back by her fiancé. She then hurls the cookie rack right at the clerk.

But when the clerk says they're calling the cops, Tyler and her fiancé start to leave.

But investigators say Tyler wasn't finished. That's when she threw the wet floor sign at the counter and came back and threw food in the clerk's face.

"I just question, where are we going that tomatoes gets you this irate that you're going to try to take it out on the clerk," Taig said.

But we've learned this isn't the only time Tyler's been accused of losing it. Less than two weeks after this incident, police in Warren, Michigan say she was charged with larceny and disturbing the peace at a Cricket Wireless store all because a particular cell phone wasn't free with a new contract. They say she screamed at the clerk, messed up the displays, and even took a phone from the store.

And when it comes to the Burger King drama, police say she lied about her name when they caught up with her. That's why she's also facing an obstruction charge on top of disorderly conduct and malicious damage to property.

"We want people to know that this isn't acceptable behavior, whether it's a restaurant, whether it's road rages. Incidents like this can spill into so much more. We just ask people, take a deep breath and really look at what's important," Taig said.