Fresno coffeehouse selling their cup of joe in compostable cups with compostable straws

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- At The Revue coffee shop in Fresno's Tower District, conversations are happening over a green cup of joe.

"We decided a few months ago to switch out all of our plastic cups for compostable cups. So all of our large straws and to go cups are compostable, so you can throw them in the green bin," said Kim Feil, the Revue co-owner.

Co-owners say they made the switch to be more environmentally responsible.

"We thought this is going to be an investment. It's definitely more expensive, but we thought as a value we thought it was worth it to not have so much plastic waste and do our small part in helping the environment," Feil said.

California is looking to restrict straws potentially. AB 1884 would prohibit restaurants from providing single-use straws unless requested by a customer. Other cities in California from San Francisco to Malibu have banned plastic straws over environmental concerns.

"I think it's awesome they are super eco-conscious and with everything coming up about plastic straws, that they're doing what they can to make it better to do their part in the environment," said Hannah Shigley of Fresno.

Shigley says she supports businesses that are choosing to be more green.

Other national companies are following a green trend. In July, Starbucks announced they were removing plastic straws in stores globally by 2020 -- reducing more than 1 billion plastic straws per year from stores.

There has been some pushback against the straws though.

While The Revue has made their other cups compostable, they're looking to make their small straws compostable as well.

As far as California's straw restriction bill it's now headed to the Governor's desk for approval.
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