T-Mobile tests customer service center in Kingsburg, bringing 1,000 jobs to Fresno County

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Kingsburg is answering the call from T-Mobile bringing 1,000 new jobs to the city.

"With a thousand jobs, they'd be our largest employer certainly. It would be right in line with SunMaid which is headquartered here."

The un-carrier network plans to build a call center in Kingsburg although the exact location still hasn't been decided.

But the news of new jobs already has city officials buzzing.

"A thousand people there every single say are eating at your restaurants and buying gas, and hopefully they're bringing people in and out and staying at your hotels, so it really has the opportunity to be a huge boost for this area."

Kingsburg has seen renewed economic investment in recent years.

A push to revitalize downtown and a more business-friendly approach has led to 25 new businesses opening in the last two years.

Adding T-Mobile to that list of new employers -- could have an even longer lasting impact on the Central Valley.

"And they've also indicated they want to help expand broadband coverage and mobile coverage to more of the rural areas, so I think there's a big impact to just the region,"

T-Mobile ranked number 59 on Glassdoor's top 100 best places to work in 2019 citing impressive employee benefits, competitive pay, and incredible work culture.

All perks that will help inspire a stronger economy in the area.

"You really have something to hang your hat on here in Kingsburg."

The company clearly felt Kingsburg was a good fit for its energy with president Mike Sievert saying in a statement, "The Kingsburg area in Fresno County is already home to a tremendous amount of innovation, diverse talent and great energy, which makes it a perfect fit for the New T-Mobile!"

Right now, building the center is contingent on the merger between T-Mobile and Sprint being approved by the FTC, but city officials expect that to be finalized by June.

You'll be able to apply for a job at the center after the merger is complete.
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