This app motivates kids to do chores and earn money

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Time at home has now turned into time doing chores at Jessica Akins home.

"We clean up after breakfast and halfway through the day I feel like a tornado has gone through so I've noticed with her even though she has her set chores, she'll just start cleaning up the house or put away dishes when need be," said Jessica Akins, a Fresno mother.

Akins is using the Busy Kid app, a free app to get her kids cleaning with an incentive.

"Your kid's first job with direct deposit. What do I mean by that? You give your kids chores, and they click them off like they did it, and we keep track of that," said app founder, Gregg Murset.

Murset showed Action News how the app works, including saving, spending, and a stock option. Every Thursday, they remind you to pay up.

He says the app is good for kids five to 15.

"We needed something to use the electronics and technology that we're all surrounded with to teach them to work. Once they learn how to work, they you have to give them money to learn how to make financial decisions," Murset said.
For 12-year-old Addison Valencia she enjoys using the app and doing chores.

"It feels nice to do something, get money and get something with your own money," Addison said.

Even her little brother Zachary doesn't mind helping out.

"I clean up my toys and do the dishes," he said.

The app is free and parents can choose to buy a Visa card for $7.99 for kids to use at stores.

So whether you use technology or just give your kids chores to do at home, experts say giving them tasks can help them create lifelong skills.
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