Taking care of your allergies as Valley weather quickly changes

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Thursday, February 23, 2023
Taking care of your allergies as Valley weather quickly changes
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Doctors at the Allergy Center in northeast Fresno say patients have been coming in with symptoms brought on by the change in weather.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- When strong winds start blowing in the Valley, the phones start ringing at the Allergy Institute for Doctor A.M. Aminian.

"Since yesterday (Tuesday), we have been seeing some phone calls but this morning (Wednesday), we have had quite a few people who have more problems with the cough, the eye itching and being very congested," he said.

Karin Weeks went to see the doctor after blowing dust ramped up her allergies.

"I get a really bad headache from my sinuses," she said. "I can feel the pressure and it causes me to have sneezing, some coughing and some wheezing as well."

They are typical allergy symptoms with wind in the forecast, but Dr. Aminian says you can get ahead of them.

"You have the dirt, the dust and the pollen in the air," he said. "If they stick to your skin, they stick to your hair and your clothing. As soon as you get home, you need to change your clothing, take a shower and do nasal rinses. Many times, we can prevent the symptoms from happening."

The doctor says wind can often blow mold spores in the air that are typical in the Valley.

If inhaled, people could be at risk of contracting Valley fever.

Marcia Taylor says she rescheduled her afternoon walk to avoid the strongest gusts of the day.

"So we walked a little earlier and it worked out, but I still got the scratchy throat and very much aware that there was a lot of stuff in the air," she said.

Doctor Aminian says if you do spend time outdoors in these conditions, a mask can help.

"It protects you from all the pollen, the dirt in the air," he said. "The mask is a buffer, and that really helps."

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