Driver crashes into hydrant, house after alleged assault in northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A driver was arrested after police say he crashed into a fire hydrant and a northeast Fresno home on Thursday morning.

Fresno police say the man drove off from an alleged assault at the Fresno Ag Hardware store on First Street and Gettysburg Avenue around 1:00 am.

Officials say a woman approached a security guard asking for help. Soon after, her boyfriend started an argument with her. Police say they both were drunk.

While the security guard called the police about the fight, officials say he turned back to see the woman lying on the ground.

Investigators believe her boyfriend may have hit her.

"There's no video surveillance. The security guard did not witness it. But one minute she's standing, the security guard turns away, and when he turns back, she's knocked unconscious, and very possibly the male committed the crime," said Fresno Police Lt. Paul Cervantes.

The man then took off and ran his car over a fire hydrant three blocks away before crashing into a home.

Investigators took him into custody when he tried to run away.

No one inside the house was hurt.

The woman's condition has not been released.

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