Coronavirus: Neighbors in NE Fresno turn to chalk art for message of hope

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno family's driveway is the canvas for a colorful message of hope.

Under a sunny sky on Tuesday, Madison Martin and her friend and neighbor, Keira Garcia, worked on their chalk-art in front of Madison's northeast Fresno home.

Another neighbor inspired the mosaic design idea, but the girls put in all the "labor of love".

The chalk was given to Madison by her grandmother with a note that said to "draw a masterpiece on the sidewalk."

The girls certainly created a joyful masterpiece, but how they talked about it makes you smile even more.

"We love to do this idea and let everyone look at it and everything, and we weren't really expecting the news to come and stuff," Martin said. "We're just kind of doing it for an influence."

"I thought it was ice cream for the eyes," Garcia said. "It was beautiful!"

Madison and Keira hope their chalk art inspires other kids to remember to be creative and have fun during this challenging time.
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