Learning to ski is easier than ever before at China Peak

China Peak Ski Resort is preparing for what could be a big February.

With more snow covering the Sierra, the resort expects to see plenty of people who have never had the chance to ski or snowboard.

As China Peak owner Tim Cohee explains, technology and time are making it easier for "rookies" to hit the slopes.

"People began learning how to ski in the United States 80 years ago," he said.

And you might imagine how difficult it was back in those days. The slopes were ungroomed. There weren't many ski instructors yet. And the ski equipment was needless to say, a bit archaic.

Things have changed a lot since that time. Number one is the equipment. New skis used at almost all major rental shops, including at China Peak, have made learning to ski easier than ever before.

"The other major introduction into skiing in the past few years has been the lift," Cohee said.

For many, many years, most of us learned how to ski on rope tows or handle tows which made it even more challenging than actually making the turn. But now, moving carpets have replaced rope tows and handle tows.

And it's just like riding an escalator at a mall. Let's join Lori Neville, who began teaching at China Peak 40 years ago.

"We're going to step around leading with our tails. Remember that? We did that earlier today. We're going to step around leading with our tails. Super. And we're just going to glide forward. Step around. We're going to do a straight run and push out into that wedge. So what we're going to do is we're going to go right on over to that moving carpet. Yeah! So we don't have to walk anymore, and then we'll practice our wedge coming down more of a hill," Neville said.

"So there you have it. Learning to ski and ride is easier than ever before. Thanks for joining us, this is Tim Cohee up at China Peak," Cohee said.

Remember, be sure to check road conditions and chain requirements before you head to the mountains.
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