CHP arrests girlfriend, friend as accessories in hit-and-run death of Clovis Unified Vice Principal Gavin Gladding

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California Highway Patrol Central Division has arrested two more people as accessories in the death of Clovis Unified vice principal Gavin Gladding.

The Highway Patrol arrested 18-year-old Fernanda Lopez and 23-year-old Moises Guerrero on Wednesday.

They say Lopez was in the truck with the driver, 18-year old Rogelio Alvarez- Maravilla, when it hit Gavin Gladding.

Investigators are accusing Guerrero of making repairs to the truck after that hit and run crash.

The two were arrested as accessories to the crime after an investigation that involved more than 20 search warrants and data recovered from a computer chip on the truck.

Alvarez-Maravilla was arrested last month.

He's accused of vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, and driving without a license when he hit Gladding who had been on a morning jog along Friant Road in Fresno County.

"We have developed through the investigation that he is complicit in the investigation and complicit in the crime and assisted in repairing the vehicle in question," said Sergeant Dave Salcido of Highway Patrol.

The two have since bonded out of jail.

The CHP says both Lopez and Guerrero were aware the pick up truck hit someone on Sept. 16 and have not been cooperative with the investigation.
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