Consumer Watch: Deep cleaning your home

The toaster over is one of the most often-used small appliances. If you've been eating at home more often, chances are it's due for a cleaning.

To clean your toaster over, unplug it, pull out the racks and trays and soak them in soapy water.

Use a sponge or an old rag to clean the inside. Don't use too much liquid, and avoid getting fluids on the heating elements.

While you're in the kitchen, the greasy filters in the vent hood above your range will benefit from a soapy soak as well. Lots of times, they're dishwasher safe. Check your manufacturer's instructions.

To keep the coffee pot clean, run equal parts water and vinegar through the machine, followed by a pot of plain water. Then if you want, you can use baking soda and a damp sponge on the carafe and plate.

Consumer Reports says now is a good time to check the filters on your vacuum cleaner so you can keep it from losing suction or blowing dirt or pollen back into the air.

Finally, the next time you go to clean your windows, take into consideration the time of day.

"Did you know that full sun can heat up your glass, causing your solution to dry up quickly and leave streaks," says Consumer Reports Home Editor Haniya Rae. "That's why it's a good idea to clean your windows on an overcast day."

If you don't have any glass cleaner at home right now, Consumer Reports says you can use tap water with just a tiny bit of dish soap.
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