Clovis Community College one of the fastest growing in the state

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Clovis Community College is being recognized as one of the fastest-growing campuses of it's kind in the state. In the past seven years, the school has nearly doubled in size.

"The enrollment happened so quickly," says President Dr. Lori Bennett. "It really wasn't expected. It wasn't in the plan to grow that fast."

As the school grows in size, they've been able to expand their stem programs and add several athletic teams to the mix. Of over 100 community colleges in the state, they're one of 12 recognized for their high student transfer rate.

"They're transferring faster," added Dr. Bennett. "They're not spending extra money, they're not racking up debt. They're able to save that financial aid for when they're at a 4-year university."

Elijah is one of the nearly 13,000 students studying at the campus. He's in his second year at Clovis Community College and says the affordable price tag and convenience were just some of the reasons he chose the school.

CSU's and UC's or private schools can be fairly expensive," said Student Body President Elijah Banda. "Being able to save that 2 years while you're here and cut tuition in half is a big deal."

The current student body president said he's set his sights on a career in urban engineering with plans to transfer next fall.

"I feel at home," added Elijah. "I enjoy my classes and instructors and students."

This is just the start. The school is still expanding, with design underway for a new career tech ed building that will offer new STEM classes and a lab to students by 2024.
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