A special honor for valley veterans grew by more than 270 new names Saturday

For decades, you knew a veterans event was important if Henry Lemay was there to sing "God Bless America."

But the Korean War Veteran and Purple Heart recipient passed away last December, leaving a vocal vacuum for valley veterans.

Carol Lemay delivered an emotional rendition of the song her husband sang so many times.

"People say 'so you're carrying on his legacy.' and I said I am and I'm glad to do it," said Lemay.

And after she walked off the stage, Lemay joined the crowd strolling through the Walk of Honor, where her husband now takes up a place of honor.

Lemay said, "It means that those that didn't even get to meet him will sort of meet him. They'll still be able to know something about him."

The tribute has grown from a wall outside the VA Hospital to an entire garden.

And the list of honored veterans grows every year.

Representative Jim Costa said, "And their story, the 274 names we are adding here today, are part of America's story."

The story is one of sacrifice and stepping up to offer this country their lives to protect its freedoms.

Chalk imprints let people take a piece of a service member's story home.

And every year, a Walk of Honor ceremony gives the community a reminder.

But for Carol, the story is always on the tip of her tongue, in a song.
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