Chaffee Zoo's newest attraction Wilderness Falls is gearing up to open

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Follow your adventurous side to Wilderness Falls at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo opening in a few weeks.

When you go to the new attraction you may notice the water flowing and shooting up high. Their kids can cool off and still visit the animals.

Executive Director Scott Barton said, "Typically, on a hot summer day people stay away from the park and the zoo because it's too hot. This gives people a chance, on a hot summer day, come out and play in the water."

Parents can take a seat in the shade while their kids travel through the wilderness connecting with nature. Kids will get the chance to explore and even to see what it's like to be under a waterfall.

"So we wanted to an interactive play area that recreates nature to some degree. So instead of a typical popup water park, we wanted to play with a mountain stream and allow kids to pretend they are exploring in the mountains," said Barton.

They have even added a lookout tower equipped with a slide. Visitors at the zoo, especially the little ones, are counting down the days.

One visitor to the zoo, Hope Meza, said, "We come here all the time and to have something like this to open up for the kids, especially during the summertime-- it's hot obviously. So the kids can come here and get refreshed."

Wilderness Falls officially opens up at the beginning of May and zoo members will get a chance to explore it before anyone else.
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