Fresno family overcomes the odds to show goats at Big Fresno Fair

One family has overcome all the odds to show at the Big Fresno Fair this week.

The road hasn't been easy for the Picquettes after their nine show goats were stolen earlier this year.

"They belonged to my children," said Kristy Picquette. "It was devastating to have that happen."

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The family's goats were stolen back in March. Over the next month, all nine were recovered.

"It was amazing, but sad at the same time," explained Kristy. "Because the last five we got back were in horrible condition. They were in chicken pens, there was mud on top of the water, their conditions really deteriorated."

Over the past months the family has been hard at work, nursing the animals back to health.

"When we got them back they were skin and bones," explained Dillen Picquette, "So we fed them, got them water, separated them from our clean goats."

"It's taken us a long time to get them back into condition," added Kristy. "Then they also came back with a lot of illnesses that ran us up some nice vet bills."

They're happy to have the goats home safe and sound, but tell Action News they have around $2,000 in vet bills.

"It's been a roller coaster ride," said Kristy. "We're fortunate that we're at the Big Fresno Fair and we're going to show them."

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They're also selling several other goats at auction this Saturday. They're hoping to find good buyers. All the money raised will go towards outstanding vet bills and the kids' college fund.
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