Kingsburg getting a sports complex

Kingsburg, CA - For years Athwal Park in Kingsburg has been heavily used by the towns Youth Soccer League. Just like other places, It's not always available and the teams have outgrown it.
The city council is now looking to solve this problem. It's been years in the making, but finally, they have enough funds to build a sports complex.

"what we need is one place to accommodate everyone," said Alexander Henderson, Kingsburg City Manager.

right now, many of the teams have to practice and play at different parks and schools. David Morris Treasure for the Kingsburg Youth Soccer League said it can be a hassle, especially with about 600 members.

"practices are always a challenge. We are in city parks, in schools, but we don't always have the access we would like to have so we are limited," said Morris.

It's just as stressful for the Girls Softball League. They have to rent space from the High School for games. They just want a place where they can all come together.

"right now we are all scattered between different fields looking for areas to come together and all of the kids need a spot to play," said Julie Sharp, Girls Softball League board member.

Both leagues say the complex is a must and have each pledged $25,000. According to Morris, they're not looking for anything fancy, they just want the basics.

"Bathrooms, concession stands, places where we can have shade," said Morris. "The ability to set up our own fields and have them set up year round."

At the moment the city council is on the look out for the perfect location. They need 15 to 20 acres.

"that has been our challenge, to find the right location, that is close to town, that has utilities and enough space to make it work," said Henderson.

After they select their spot it's up to the teams to raise the remaining funds.
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