More resources heading to the Valley as surveillance testing takes place in Reedley and Selma

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- As concern surrounding a lack of COVID-19 testing spreads faster than the virus itself, more resources are heading to the Valley, according to Fresno County Public Health Officer Dr. Rais Vohra.

"We did surveillance testing with the Adventist Health network last week in Selma," Dr. Vohra said.

Results from those tests have yet to be announced. According to Fresno County officials, a second round of surveillance testing was done at the Reedley location on Thursday. Hospital workers wouldn't confirm whether those being screened at the front entrance had anything to do with the testing; however, you could see more than a dozen healthcare workers donning face masks and scrubs along tables outside of the building.

Separate from the surveillance testing being done in Reedley and Selma, the state has selected Fresno as one of 15 counties to receive additional testing. Now it's up to the county to find a location to accommodate.

Fresno County Public Information Officer Jordan Scott says, "It's a means of bringing more resources, conducting more tests, getting more people tested and identifying what the issues are in our community so we can take appropriate action, so we can make our community safer."

Fresno County is working to narrow down the list of potential sites.

Scott says the ideal location will be "easily accessible and have all the functionality needed for the workers to get the job done and for people to be in and out with minimal inconvenience."

Dr. Vohra announced the "high throughput" testing site would provide more than 100 tests per day.

He says, "If you or your family do feel like you should or could get swabbed to get checked for COVID, we want to hear from you."

This will be part of the first wave of "high throughput" testing sites. Once functional, there will be a website and hotline set up where you can sign up.

Dr. Vohra adds, "I'm very optimistic that we can get to our goal of testing 1,500 people every day."

The county is working closely with the Governor's office on the roadmap to recovery.
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