Creek Fire: Fresno couple rushes to say 'I do' before escaping wildfire

Two Fresno newlyweds tied the knot at China Peak before they were forced out by the Creek Fire that was heading straight for their wedding venue.
FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Not even a roaring wildfire could stop a Fresno couple from saying 'I do.'

The pair set the date for their big day last Saturday at China Peak Resort, but woke up on the day of their wedding to the news that the Creek Fire was headed straight towards their venue.

But they continued with their wedding plans.

Brooke and Jacob had headed up to the mountains with family and friends to get married over the weekend. But there wasn't a wedding dress, cake or dancing - instead, a whole lot of smoke. But that didn't stop them from returning as Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

This is not exactly what they had in mind when they planned a September wedding at China Peak Resort

"The firefighter rolls up and says, 'OK, mandatory evacuation, everybody you have to leave'," says Jake.

But they didn't want to postpone their vows any longer.

"If I have to get married in my Vans, I am getting married in my Vans! I don't care," Brooke said.

So that's exactly what they did.

Brooke grabbed her veil. Family and friends sprung into action to put together a makeshift bouquet and aisle.

Jacob's friend married them in a four-minute ceremony - and then they evacuated right after the couple said 'I do'.

The newlyweds are now grateful to be safely home in the Valley.

The Smiths say the day may not have been what they imagined, but they're overjoyed to be husband and wife.

Now they are praying for those impacted by the fire and hoping to eventually get back to the mountains to celebrate with their guests.

"As soon as we know it's a go, we will get back up there and I will put my wedding dress on and we will do it again," says Brooke.

The couple says their vendors are being very cooperative in helping them make their dream day come true in the future.

The Smiths are now enjoying beautiful weather on their honeymoon in Lake Tahoe.
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