Dine and Dish: Heirloom in northeast Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The fiery wood grill helped establish Heirloom as a hot spot.

Heirloom Chef and co-owner Justin Shannon aims to serve "slow food fast."

"The slow food part about that is we take time," he said. "We slow roast things, we cook things overnight, we braise things."

Some dishes, like the pappardelle pasta, came together very quickly.

The finished product is a favorite among diners.

"It's not fast food, but it has the feel of fast food because you don't have to wait a long time for your food and it's a healthy option," says Pam Sells.

The restaurant relies on locally-sourced produce for everything from salads to cocktails.

"Pick up a lot from the farmers market on Shaw," Shannon said.

Laura Magnee had the chicken cashew salad.

"Well, I like the freshness of the food," she said. "I like the variety. I like the service."

The salsa verde topping the outside of the taquitos caught our attention.

Inside, there were local-grown mushrooms.

The flavors are layered.

A dish that resembled fried shrimp was actually cauliflower tempura.

"Gluten free batter, crispy fried and then we toss it in this honey and cashew glaze," Shannon said.

Sweet, nutty and a little healthier.

You can still grab a fried chicken sandwich or burger here.

But Justin also likes to surprise guests with dishes like crispy duck.

"We slow roast it in duck fat, so traditional French style duck confit," he said.

The line at Heirloom forms as soon as the doors open and snakes along the outside wall.

"Once a table comes up, we sit you and we have a good amount of seats now that our patio's open," Shannon said.
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