'Dress for Success' helping women get back into the workforce

Friday, February 2, 2018
'Dress for Success' helping women get back into the workforce
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Everything is organized by size and color and type of clothing.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Everything is organized by size and color and type of clothing. Blouses, pants, and clothing fill the shelves at Dress for Success Fresno.

"So what dress for success does is we work with women to help them get ready for employment for the inside and the outside," said Dress for Success Fresno Founder Erin Goldfarb.

Goldfarb sees clothing as a key to helping women find a new job and a new life. She helped bring the non-profit to Fresno after finding out there was not a chapter.

"Fresno was identified as an area that needed a Dress for Success but they didn't have anyone to start it," said Goldfarb.

She learned serious poverty and challenges affected many women in the community, which is why Dress for Success was so needed.

Agencies including local homeless shelters, domestic violence agencies, and job training programs will be referring clients to Dress for Success.

"She gets to go home free of charge with one full outfit. So whatever is appropriate for her interview if that is a suit or if that is something else. She gets the full outfit included shoes, purse, accessories," said Goldfarb.

Community members have helped build the boutique from the ground up, collecting donations. Once the program opens Thursday, volunteers will help women shop inside the boutique.

"Many of this is just brand new," said Goldfarb.

Shopping for items they might not normally be able to afford. The location inside the business journal building also has a dressing room.

A career center will give women a place to work on their resumes and volunteers can help prepare the candidates for a mock interview.

"We try to help the woman put her best foot forward in order for her to really succeed in that interview. So when she lands that job she gets to come back and get a weeks' worth of mix and match clothing," said Goldfarb.

People can support the non-profit by making a cash donation, or give gently used clothing the last Friday of each month.

Goldfarb says it is more than just clothing they are handing out, it is hope.

Dress for Success Fresno's grand opening is Thursday. You can also stop by during ArtHop so you can see the great work they are doing.