Clovis Community College received initial accreditation, drops Willow International name

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- The state's newest community college has enjoyed tremendous growth over the past seven years and now enters a new era.

The name is the first thing, Clovis Community College received its initial accreditation. It is no longer the Willow-International Center -- and soon the school will field sports teams.

The metal signage at Willow and International need to be updated. This campus officially is now Clovis Community College.

"This has been our vision and goal for the past six years -- to become a independent college," said Debbie Ikeda, Clovis Community College President.

Clovis Community now joins Fresno City and Reedley in the State Center Community College District. About 6,100 students will be enrolled come fall. They'll make good use of the resources such as the open computer lab and the help they can find at the library.

When compared to Fresno City College, sophomore Jordan Genito says size matters. "Way easier to park, definately. It's a great school overall, I'm really happy to go here."

The school's fine arts offerings are impressive. The classroom allows student to control the level of sunlight coming into their work area. Students interested in anime and Internet art have also thrived here.

Now that it has achieved community college status, the school can improve its school spirit. "Well we're finally able to do sports for one thing," said Ikeda.

Students can get take classes inside the new fitness center but the school will now add a swim team in the fall. A soccer program will follow in another year. The swim team will compete across the street at Clovis North. Clovis Community College expects to add a team mascot in the fall.

Student suggestions include the Titans, and the Gryffindors -- obviously put forth by Harry Potter fans. null
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