Kingsburg Joint Union proposes policy that would allow 5 staff members to carry a gun

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This week school board members approved the first reading of the new policy which would allow up to five staff members to carry a gun. (KFSN)

This week school board members approved the first reading of the new policy which would allow up to five staff members to carry a gun. The superintendent told Action News recent mass shootings across the country prompted the district to look into allowing the guns on campus.

Central Valley Guns co-owner Marvin Forbes supports Kingsburg Joint Union High School District's proposed policy to allow certain staff members to carry a hidden gun.

"It's a simple measure that is cost effective, in lieu of a school resource officer being hired full time and on campus," said Forbes.

The one-school district is considering the new policy in light of the recent mass shooting in San Bernadino and other school shootings across the country.

Superintendent Randy Morris said up to five district employees who have a carry concealed weapon permit would be able to be armed on campus. The weapon could be worn underneath a shirt, or on the ankle underneath pants.

Morris said "The intent is to put the message out there, 'Hey, we are in a position where we would really like to be committed to protecting our staff and our kids, and we take that obligation very seriously.'"

Morris, in the process of getting his own CCW permit, said he understands not all agree with the 2nd Amendment and whether that should carry over on school grounds. He said all five board members are in support of the concealed weapon policy. The employees who do carry the guns will first receive extensive training from law enforcement

"God forbid this happens and one of our staff members does draw a weapon. If police show up, they need to know how to respond and what to do," said Morris.

Not everyone is on board with allowing a few teachers and staff to carry guns-- and make the tough decision to use deadly force-- but a majority of parents we talked to said it would make them feel their kids are safer while at school. "Having one, or two, or, however, many are going to have armed-- I think it's great," said Douglas De La Rosa, parent.

"I don't disagree with it, but I don't like it," said Neal Douglas, Kingsburg.

On April 11th, the school board is expected to do a second reading of the proposal-- and if it's approved it would go into effect immediately.

As for who will be chosen to carry a gun on campus that would be the superintendent's decision, and it would be a secret. So most people wouldn't know which staff members are armed.
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