New Fresno State program to help veterans earn degrees

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new program at Fresno State is offering help to veterans who want to receive a college education. Faculty at Fresno State say this new program at the university will help veterans achieve higher education and transition back into civilian life. It's a need they have noticed for some time.

"We know that our veterans are coming back home, they're looking at developing a new career and Fresno State understands that," said Eluterio Escamilla with Fresno State.

Fresno State is the only university in the CSU system to receive the $2.5 million grant to launch the new Student Support Services Veterans Program. Veterans interested in applying have until Sept. 1. They must fill out a two-page application and meet certain requirements, from being honorably discharged to prove financial need.

"This is a continual example of Fresno State's commitment to the community," said Escamilla. "We are always looking at different ways to serve the different communities that Fresno State has opened its doors to."

The new veterans program will help 120 students with its own set of counselors, mentors and academic advisors.

Current Fresno State student Jason Dunbar wrapped up his service in the Marines two years ago. He learned about the new program from his fraternity brother and is now hoping to enroll.

"Me being a veteran myself I always look for programs like this to help because right when you get out you don't have some of the funding you need just to jump into college all the time," said Dunbar.

Fresno State officials hope the program will grow and connect with other universities and community colleges.

"Some of these types of programs really help that transition," said Dunbar.

It's a transition he hopes to make back in the classroom this fall.
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